G20 new member add, After the 18th summit to be held in India in 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the inclusion of the African Union in the G-20 group in the G-20 members' conference. Now 21 countries have joined the G20 group to be held in India. The first 20 members of the G20 group were inducted before the 18th summit, i.e. after the 18th summit in September 2023, the total number of member countries in the G20 group is now 21. The African Union has been included in the 18th G20 summit in 2023. Earlier G20 included 20 member countries. But after the 18th summit held in India in 2023, the number of G20 member countries is now 21.


G-20 member countries


1. Australia

2. Argentina

3. Brazil

4. Canada

5. China

6. France

7. Germany

8. Italy

9. Indonesia

10. Japan

11. Mexico

12. Russia

13. Saudi Arabia

14. South Korea

15. South Africa

16. Turkey

17. United Kingdom

18.United States of America

19.European Union

20. India

21. African Union



The G20 group includes many developed and developing countries, all these countries together form the G20 group.

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